Terms and Conditions

  1. General: If not mentioned otherwise all prices stated are final prices for 1 item excl. shipping costs. Errors excepted.
  2. Contracts: The portrayal of our range in the Internet does not represent a quotation within the meaning of §§ 145 et seq. German Civil Code. Customer shall make a binding purchase offer to us by a corresponding online order. By clicking “Bestellung senden” (Send Order) in the last step of ordering the customer confirms a binding order of purchasing all products in the shopping cart. A mail confirming receipt, which is automatically generated and dispatched by the system immediately after receipt of Customer’s order, shall not represent a binding acceptance of the offer by us. A purchase agreement comes into being at delivery of your items.
  3. Stated prices are solely for end-consumers. Offer and delivery only take place under these conditions. The terms and conditions also apply for any future purchase, even if they are not explicitly agreed upon again.
  4. All prices are tentative. Customers are bound to their purchase agreement for four weeks. Amendments and alterations are only valid if confirmed in writing by the seller.
  5. All prices include German VAT. All prices apply within Germany excluding packaging, handling and shipping. Packaging and shipping will be calculated according to effort.
  6. Any specific delivery date or deadline requires written confirmation. In case of a delay in delivery the final deadline is set to 4 weeks starting the day the notification of delay reaches the customer.
  7. Costs and risk of delivery are carried by the customer. If the order exceeds a value of 80,- Euro delivery will be free of charge. A complaint about possible damages has to be submitted together with the item and packaging to the respective deliverer on the day of delivery. Costs for bulky goods or express delivery have to be borne by the customer.
  8. All items remain property of Nepal Importe until full payment is received. These include all future claims.
  9. In case of return of items bought, the customer has to notify Nepal Importe within 14 days of delivery. After consultation the customer will receive store credit for returned items. You can request a UPS return form (10,- Euro) or mail the respective items. If an item is faulty or lacks promised features or is damaged due to manufacturing/material defects within the period of warranty will the seller provide repair or replacement without any further warranty claims. Multiple repairs are acceptable. Warranty is limited to 6 months starting the day of delivery. The seller has to be notified about apparent flaws within one week of delivery. Faulty items have to be ready for inspections by the seller in said condition. If before mentioned requirements are not met all warranty claims can be revoked. The seller and his subsidiaries are barred from any claims for damages resulting from impossibility of service, non-fulfillment, positive breach of claims, debt when contract is concluded, and unlawful act as long as they did not happen deliberately or due to carelessness. Video- and audio-cassettes can only be returned if they show relevant faults in recording or are in their original packaging. The customer is aware of the fact that items handmade and from natural materials can display variations in color, pattern or size. These variations do not qualify for warranty claims. Freight forward will not be accepted. Please contact us in case of a return.
  10. Online orders have to be paid in advance. Items will be delivered upon payment. All contracts are subject to German Law. Jurisdiction by local court Syke.
  11. If one of the before mentioned stipulations becomes invalid, the other clauses will remain intact. Any invalid clause has to be replaced by another which comes closest to its original legal and economical meaning.
  12. Data Protection: Nepal Importe is entitled to process the data of customers, whether received through them or third parties, according to the German Data Protection Act. This clause replaces a notification, according to the Data Protection Act, that personal data of customers will be stored and processed.

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