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hess-klangkonzepte - Tam Tam Gong
TamTam Gong Premium Quality Ø 40 – 70


Includes 19% MwSt.*
Delivery Time: ca. 1-7 Werktage


Includes 19% MwSt.*
Delivery Time: ca. 1-7 Werktage
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TamTam Gong Premium Quality Ø 40 – 70


Includes 19% MwSt.*
Delivery Time: ca. 1-7 Werktage

Hess® Premium quality Ø 40 – 70 cm
Our best, handpicked gongs in Hess® premium quality.
Only acoustically and visually flawless gongs that have been tested and listened to several times are awarded the seal of the Hess® Premium Quality Standard by our gong experts.
These gongs are used, among other things, in Peter Hess® sound massage and pedagogy.

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TamTam gongs are especially suitable for:
– Sound and fantasy journeys
– Meditations
– concerts
– body therapeutic settings
– sound pedagogical settings

Gongs are among the oldest and most important musical instruments
Southeast Asia. They come in different designs and sizes.
In the Peter Hess® sound massage and sound pedagogy the
Gong next to the singing bowl to a central instrument.
For our work, the Fen and TamTam gongs have proven to be especially
which we have been purchasing in Asia for years.
We pay attention to selected, tested quality, only in this way you will enjoy your while playing and listening.

The TamTam Gong (Chinese Temple Gong) is handmade from a heavy metal plate. In its finished form, it has a stretched, blackened edge and a blackened center. In between, the disc is polished to a shiny gold finish.

Due to this backward curved edge, the TamTam Gong produces less spectacular vibrations than, for example, a Feng Gong. Its sound character is voluminous (bulky) and ranges from very low (large gongs) to rather higher tones (small gongs). In general, the TamTam gong has a more centering tone. This gong is made in excellent quality for sound work.

The gongs have 2 holes each and are provided with a cord for hanging.

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