Singing bowl cover


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The singing bowl covers developed by Anne Wegener and manufactured in Germany protect your singing bowls from shocks and scratches during transport.

In addition, after unpacking the protective covers can be used as a coaster or during the sound massage as a balance in “difficult” places of the body to ensure a safe stand.

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In different colors, for easy identification of the singing bowls in packed condition.

Material: polar fleece, washable at 30 °.

Singing bowl cover 9 KH-9 Ø 9 cm, height 12 cm Color: Navy
Suitable for medium Zen bowl or small Assam bowl.

Singing bowl cover 33 KH-33 Ø approx. 33 cm, height approx. 40 cm Color: Bordeaux
Suitable for XL singing bowls from 6-8 kg.

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