Professional Gong Mallet L815


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Designed to make your gong or even large singing bowls fully flourish.

Suitable for gongs ø from about 70 cm and large singing bowls from about 6 kg.

Material: Buche biologisch gewachst / Vlies

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The professional gong Mallet L815 was specially developed to minimize the impact noise even further. It produces soft, dark tones.

The new core and insulation made of a cuddly and high-quality felt fabric are wrapped in Chakra fleece. The ergonomically shaped style made of waxed beech wood is perfectly matched to the core weight and therefore slightly longer. The slightly thickened end of the handle prevents the mallet from accidentally slipping out of the hand.

The professional gong Mallet L815 produces soft and warm tones without disturbing background noise and is therefore particularly well suited for sound meditations and sound journeys.

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Weight 0,815 kg

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