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Koshi Chime


Includes 19% MwSt.*
Delivery Time: ca. 1-7 Werktage


Includes 19% MwSt.*
Delivery Time: ca. 1-7 Werktage
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Koshi Chime


Includes 19% MwSt.*
Delivery Time: ca. 1-7 Werktage

As soon as the Koshi Chime comes into vibrancy, a small platelet inside gently touches eight different metal bars, which are arranged in a circle at the bottom of the sound cylinder.
The Koshi sound play offers a harmonious play of pure tones and overtones.

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These chimes are produced in France in elaborate, hand-crafted technology. Eight metal bars of different lengths are fastened with silver at the sound board.
Koshi chimes are available in four moods. Each mood has its own, magic tone and can be played harmonically along with other ones.

If the chime is held at the upper string and gently moved, or played outside by the wind, the bamboo resonance tubes provide beautiful sounds with harmonies of the four elements: Fire, earth, water, air.

Koshi Windchime fire: Ignis (red)  Art.Nr. Koshi-fire with following tuning: G, B, D, G, B, D, G, A
Koshi Windchime earth: Terra (green)  Art.Nr. Koshi-earth with following tuning: G, C, E, F, G, C, E, G
Koshi Windchime water: Aqua (blue)  Art.Nr. Koshi-water with following tuning: A, D, F, G, A, D, F, A
Koshi Windchime air: Aria (yellow)  Art.Nr. Koshi-air with following tuning: A, C, E, A, B, C, E, B


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