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Feng Gong Premium Quality Ø 40 – 70


Includes 19% MwSt.*
Delivery Time: ca. 1-7 Werktage


Includes 19% MwSt.*
Delivery Time: ca. 1-7 Werktage
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Feng Gong Premium Quality Ø 40 – 70


Includes 19% MwSt.*
Delivery Time: ca. 1-7 Werktage

These Hess® Premium Quality gongs Ø 40 – 70 cm are our best, handpicked choices. Our gong experts test the gongs multiple times.
Only gongs that are acoustically and optically great will be labeled with the Hess® Premium Quality logo.
They can be used for applications in Peter Hess® Sound Therapy and Pedagogy.

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Techniques For Feng Gongs:

• Loosening blockages in the body
• Biofield Loosening and Painting
• Harmonizing and strengthening the spine
• Boosting the blood circulation
• Energizing
• Creating a Safe Space

Gongs are among the oldest and most important musical instruments of Southeast Asia. You can find them in many variations and sizes.
They have grown to be an important addition to the Singing Bowls in the Peter Hess® Sound-Massage.
We prefer Feng- and TamTam Gongs for our work.
It is important to us that you only receive a good quality, so playing and listening to your gong stays fun.

It can be played from both sides, the smaller size with a diameter of 55cm can also be hold in hand easily. The bigger Gongs are hung in a frame. They are valuable companions for sound massage and therapy.

The Chinese Feng Gong is an almost completely flat disc from polished brass. Because of its radiating shine it is sometimes called Sun-Gong. It is almost without edge from a thin light yellow metal plate and slightly bend. This eases the radiation of the oscillations and the Gong vibrates strongly when hit with enough power. This Gong is of extra ordinary quality for any kind of sound therapy.

They have 2 holes and a string for hanging.

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